Albacore Ltd for Salesforce with data integration using IBM Cast Iron

Posted by jack on February 2, 2013

For 2013 Albacore Ltd is focussing on the use of IBM Cast Iron to integrate cloud applications with internal systems. is the leading Cloud application, and Albacore Ltd has over three years experience in architecting solutions that configure Salesforce and integrate to back office systems using IBM Cast Iron Live.

If you are a UK based organisation considering  Salesforce* then get in touch at

*NOTE: For data integration you must have Salesforce Enterprise or Unliimited licences; small business and workgroup editions do not allow data integration.

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Welcome to the blog

Posted by jack on April 24, 2010

This is the new blog of Jack, Principal Consultant at Albacore Ltd.

Here I will giving some of my impressions and thoughts whilst working with clients on their CRM and data warehousing implementations.

I will try to remember to put in interesting and useful technical stuff, as well as musings on the wider context.

I work in the London, UK area, and my client base over recent years has ranged from large public sector and international businesses to small outfits with three or four staff.

Our new business strategy is to target “small growing companies” in London & South East England – we think there is a growing market for services to businesses with less than 100 employees – ten years ago these firms had maybe one server, in-house email and the rest of their computing was MS Office.

Today not only has the server rack got filled with more servers, but with the onset of saas (software as a service) offerings like SalesForce and Webex they are increasingly moving their business out to the Cloud.

The current generation of entrepreneurs and CEOs were brought up in the networked, information-driven age, and they expect to deploy IT support throughout their business.

But whilst they pay attention to the input of information, the networking of information is often neglected – new processes spawning new applications. Sometimes these are linked into the existing ones to avoid duplicating data entry – but combining the stored data from these systems to provide an integrated view across all aspects of the business is rarely attempted outside the large corporate data warehouse.

I have been designing just such an integration for a client – integrating a range of systems including Cloud, email servers, voice call logs, website, direct marketing and database systems to provide a single, consistent means of monitoring all aspects of the operation . There is nothing magical or new about any of the technology, but the price, reliability and capability of software now available makes this achievable with a fraction of the resources this would have required in the past.

My next posts will discuss some aspects of the design as it evolves.

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