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Albacore Ltd - an IT and business development services company based in London

Suppliers of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Information (BI) services

Albacore Ltd is an IT services organisation extending the use of sophisticated CRM and BI to smaller companies with big ambitions - we specialise in delivery of valuable information services to growing businesses with limited in-house IT support.

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You no longer need servers and technicians in your office to take advantage of powerful commercial applications. With software as a service (saas) applications like, integrating and configuring them to meet your needs can put you ahead of your direct competitors without a big up-front investment.

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1st February 2013 - Albacore Ltd is proud to have agreed to supply data system design, implementation and management services to Hill Goodridge & Associates Ltd, operators of the Small Luxury Hotels of the Worldtm brand. This includes maintenance of and extensions to :-

  • SQL Server based data warehouse
  • Salesforce Enterprise CRM with over 200k customer records and loyalty Club admin processes
  • Data integration using IBM Websphere Cast Iron

Clients with similar requirements are sought on an ongoing basis.

Data Warehouse development, advanced reporting and information dashboards for growing business

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